Twitter has remained silent about Trump’s horrific attack against Joe Scarrow

President Trump’s terrifying tweet has had real consequences.

Take her reckless posts about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. Over the past few weeks, Trump has insisted that the scoreboard that was responsible for the death of Laurie Klausutis in 2001 worked in the Florida office while he was a GOP congressman.

This conspiracy theory intensified the leftist attack against Scarborough in 2001. It was brought back by right-wing attackers, but has now been restored, as Scarborough and his show “Morning” are fierce critics of Trump. On Sunday, Trump claimed that “there is a lot of interest in this story about Psycho Joe.”

It’s beyond fading, and every honest broker in politics and media knows it. As Josh Feldman of Mediaite noted Here, Trump is being “crushed” to advance the conspiracy. If you are unsure about the truth, read the old one Fact check from AP And other news outlets.
The president is promoting a controversial conspiracy theory and ignoring the real facts of the case because he wants to name Scarborough with raw. His memoirs also hurt the Klausutis family. Family members have declined my interview requests in recent days … and This story The Washington Post explained the reasons for this: “No one in Klausutis ‘family will talk about Trump’s tweets for this article, the kind of online troll revenge Sandy Hook feared after the genocidal parents …’ We’d love to say a lot. “But we can’t,” said Colin Kelly, Klinsutz’s brother-in-law.

Three tweets from the right

– Fox’s Brit Hume responds to Trump’s embarrassing post: “30K retweet for this silly story based on a three-year-old post on some Wing-Ding websites. That’s why his critics want DJ to play golf a lot more, because when he does, he Doesn’t tweet like tweet. “

– J. Nordlinger of NRO: “What Trump is employed here is unbelievably sick. All people with good will – even some people who should do less than good will – should be considered.”

– David Froome: “Yesterday, the President accused a prominent citizen of murder. Surely the Attorney General wants to get the truth of this important news? US Attorneys? Fox News Crack Investigation Cruise? Judge Gennady? Or Do They All Judge Clearly? Agree: Empty insanity? “

“Trying to scare …”

An MSNBS spokesman said earlier this month that Trump was launching a “crazy crusade”: “Attempts to intimidate and rape the free press through bizarre paddling of fringe conspiracy theories will somehow block the power of Joe Scarboro, Mika Brzezinski or MSNBC.” We manage the White House coronavirus epidemic I will report accurately and thoroughly on Nar. “

On you, Twitter …

Donnie O’Sullivan writes: Last summer Twitter created new rules for world leaders who tweet on its platform – chief among them, of course Trump. Twitter said these users would be able to tweet things that violated Twitter’s general rules, but Twitter would label those tweets – explaining that, although they were against the rules, they would leave the platform because they were newsworthy and should be used to keep these leaders accountable. It wasn’t a bad idea at all. But a month after Twitter made that announcement, Trump sent a racist tweet about “The Squad.” Based on the site’s own rules, these tweets should have been marked as a violation of its policy. But they were not, as we have reported at the time.
In fact, Twitter did not label any of Trump’s tweets. Then came this weekend … and all the lies about Joe Scarborough. Why would Twitter be slow to enforce and enforce its own rules? Okay, that’s all you have to do This is the WSJ story From the weekend

I searched for the alleged tweets and Twitter declined to comment: “We have nothing to share at this time,” a spokesman said …

Take Donnie

Donnie O’Sullivan added: Last year Sen. Orange Harris called for the closure of Trump’s account on Twitter, raising the question, do we really want to live in a world where a private entity can appropriately resign the head of state? (How Trump will find a new platform))

In that sense, I don’t think people dedicated themselves to calling on social media companies to mock Trump, what they were advising, and the precedent set by him. But … Twitter has clearly laid down its rules here – it has given a full PR tip on how world leaders were going to label tweets that broke its rules. In that sense, it is important to keep this in mind …

>> Here’s the question Gabriel Sherman posted that one deserves an answer: “Doesn’t someone accused of murder unfairly violate Twitter’s Terms of Service ??”

Just think …

Oliver Darcy writes: As Trump continues to try to criticize Scarborough with this conspiracy theory, it’s like testing this thinking: Imagine how the president’s allies would behave if the tables were turned and he is using his powerful platform to promise to assassinate Trump. They will (appropriately) get angry and call for his firing. So why the silence from them now? Why is the value more for the news host than for the President of the United States?

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