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A forecast released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now projected more than 127,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States as of June 227.

The prediction of the collection is based on 20 individual predictions from outside organizations and researchers. The new estimates, released on Thursday, put the death toll at 127,230 as of June 27, with 118,450 to 143,340 deaths.

“This week’s nationally collected forecast indicates that the number of newly reported COVID-19 deaths per week will continue to decline. It predicted the death of 116,000 to 143,000 frozen COVID-19s between June 2C, “the CDC said on its website.

Unlike some individual models, the CDC’s collection forecast only provides estimates for the next month. The previous collection, released last Thursday, forecasts about 123,200 deaths by June 20.

Estimates are published on the CDC’s “COVID-19 Forecast” page, but they also appear on the agency’s “COVID Data Tracker”. On both sites, users can also view state-level collection forecasts.

“The collection forecast indicates that the newly reported mortality rate will vary between states,” the CDC said in its forecast page.

“While the total death toll in some states will increase at almost the same rate as the number in recent weeks, other states are likely to have a slightly higher number of additional deaths from COVID-19.”

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