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On May 25, the Statue of Liberty was seen behind refrigeration trucks operating as a temporary morgue for coronavirus victims at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in New York City. Noam galai / gate image

A new report from the Institute for Healthcare Expenditure in Washington states that the number of deaths per day in the United States since early April has been consistently 10% higher than in previous years.

The institute attributes this increase in daily deaths to coronavirus epidemics.

The Health Care Cost Institute, an independent non-profit research organization, has compiled its report based on information from Srutimudhur for all deaths, not Covid-19.

To better understand the number of deaths per day in the United States during epidemics, researchers at the institute compared the average number of deaths per day between 2014 and 2014. Daily deaths are reported at the national and state levels and for New York City.

New York City, which has largely been the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, has experienced more than double the average number of deaths per day since the end of March, ”the Healthcare Expenditure Institute noted on its website.

“By mid-April, we’re seeing a decline in daily deaths in some areas, such as New York and New Jersey; other states, such as Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland, are seeing an increase in daily deaths,” the Health Care Expenditure Institute said. . “We will monitor these trends and many more as the data is updated every week.”

The Institute collects daily information on daily deaths in the United States from new sources, weekly updates, online newspapers, funeral homes, online memorials, direct submissions, and other sources through a health information system called Datavant.

U.S. health agencies, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rely on death certificate data to track daily deaths.

Despite using a variety of primary sources of death data, the Healthcare Expenditure Institute says it prefers similar results with the CDC estimates of additional deaths.

The institute said, “We hope that this analysis serves as a research tool for those seeking a better understanding of the effects of CVD-19 on all causes of death.”

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