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Spain will begin easing lockdown sanctions from Monday, the country’s health minister and one top ally announced on Thursday.

“From Monday, about 0% or 32 million of the Spanish population will fall into two stages. About 30% or 15 million of the population will be in one stage and 45,000 people will be in three stages,” said Spanish Health Minister Salvador Ila at a news conference.

Earlier this week, more than half of the population was still at a more limited stage.

Castilla, Valencia, Catalonia, Marcia, Andalusia and parts of the Castella and Lyon regions will move to the second phase, allowing 15 people who do not live together to open some services and stores for meetings, cinemas and museums but with a limitation of occupation.

The population of the four smaller islands of Spain’s Balearic and Canary Islands and the lower risk of infection will move forward in three steps, reducing further restrictions on movement and gathering.

“The data is good, we are in a good way, but I have to emphasize: this is a very complex stage and it is very important to maintain a sense of personal responsibility because a mistake can put us at risk for what we have done. So far,” Ila added.

The Madrid region, which includes the Spanish capital and surrounding cities, will remain in the first phase without change, health officials explained.

“Everything in this evolution happened because of the efforts of the people and the health system to bring this epidemic under control,” said Dr. Fernando Seamen said.

Seaman also told reporters that “new re-emergencies” have been identified very quickly and that “local authorities are closely monitoring to prevent new outbreaks and maintain this favorable trend.” “

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