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Migrant workers are seen in an isolated dormitory building in Singapore on May 20. Rozlan Rahman / AFP / Getty Images

Singapore, which has been working on the prevalence of coronavirus infection among its migrant workers, is building new dormitories with better quality.

By the end of this year, there are plans to create additional accommodation for about 600,000 workers in the country, the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Manpower said in a joint press release.

The long-term, proposed new purpose-built dormitories will have 10,000 employees for short to medium-term housing replacement.

“We aim to create more precise designs on residential living and public health risks, including epidemics, as well as improved living standards, both domestically and internationally,” the ministers said in a statement. “We will take board lessons learned from the current Kavid epidemic.”

To begin with, an improved set of standards will be run in the new Fast Build dormitories. These standards include six or more square meters (or4 or more square feet) per residential, ten or less beds per room and at least one toilet, bathroom and sink in five beds, the ministry said.

Constitutes a significant portion of Singapore’s workforce, 1.4 million Migrant workers Live in the city-state – mostly engaged in construction, manual labor and housework. Of these, about 200,000 live in 43 dormitories, according to the manpower minister Josephine T.O.

Each dormitory has about 10 to 20 occupants. They share toilet and shower facilities, eat in common places and sleep a few feet away from each other. It is almost impossible to manage social distance.

As of Monday, Singapore had confirmed 407 new coronavirus cases – all of which were in dormitory work permit holders. It took the total number of cases in the country to 35,292, of which 33,027 (93.6%) were residents.

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