US ends ties with WHO, redirects funds to other health donors: Trump

Speaking at a briefing at the White House Rose Garden, US President Donald Trump said the United States would now end its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO).

In his briefing today, he attacked China on a number of issues, including the source of the coronavirus, recent developments in Hong Kong, border disputes in the South China Sea, and human rights abuses. He also announced measures aimed at punishing China, the BBC reported.

China has confused the world

“The world is now suffering from the weakness of the Chinese government,” he said, adding that China had “instigated a global epidemic that has claimed the lives of 100,000 Americans.”

China, he said, had “pressured the World Health Organization to confuse the world” about the virus.

“Countless lives have been taken and deep economic hardship has been caused around the world,” he added.

WHO response to the epidemic

Trump’s criticism of the WHO began last month when he threatened not to “promise major improvements in the next 30 days” but to permanently withdraw US funding.

President Trump is launching a direct attack on Xi Jinping

President Trump is launching a direct attack on Xi Jinping

Trump wrote in a May 18 letter to the WHH-General, “It is clear that repeated missteps by you and your organization to respond to the epidemic have been extremely costly around the world.”

“The only way for the World Health Organization to move forward is if it can demonstrate real independence from China.”

In a White House speech today, Trump said, “China has full control over the World Health Organization,” even as the United States provides a portion of what it does.

China has blamed the United States for infecting the virus on its own soil and blamed the outbreak on American “lying politicians.”

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