US Soccer to consider lifting ban on players kneeling for music

The U.S. Football Federation will consider removing the policy that national team players must stand up for the national anthem, According to ESPN

The board of directors of the federation, chaired by Cindy Parlo Cone, will discuss the policy on Tuesday and possibly bring it to a vote on Friday. The repeal of this rule will take effect immediately, but a vote from the National Council must be passed at the next general meeting scheduled for February or March 2021 to remain fully in place.

The 2013 rule, which states that national team representatives “must stand with dignity when playing the national anthem at any event representing the federation,” was passed in response to national team star Megan Rapino performing music during the concert. The game has been in compliance since the law was passed at 201 game social Rapino.

The assessment of the policy came as protests continued across the country following the May 25 killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. Numerous protesters and several police members knelt to remember and honor Floyd.

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