Usha Uthappa: I can’t expect to jig for 50k-strong viewers again

Pop diva Usha Utap hopes the performance venues will be open after the lockdown is lifted. However, he thinks it will never be the same again and he can never expect to have a concert with 10,000-50,000-strong audience.

In the United States, country singer Keith Urban recently performed at a drive-in theater for healthcare workers to fight the CVV-19 epidemic.

Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh dance because Haasha Utap sangTwitter

Asked if there would be a similar show in India or if there was an alternative way to do a live show, actor Usha told IANS: “I don’t really know when it’s going to happen. I’m going to open things up. I’m sure it won’t be the same.” The concerts that gave me 10,000-50,000 viewers could never do. Act I don’t really know when it will be released again. “

However, he is not thinking of coming on stage any time soon. “The risk of infection is very high and I think we need to be aware of that instead of rushing into something that could endanger the lives of others.”

In the meantime, he is happy with the virtual concert. He has been doing digital shows and contributing to the COVID-19 relief effort. “Virtual concerts are one of the best and safest ways to do this, although I miss the audience directly. But given the current situation, this (live show) is not ideal,” said the hit maker “Hari Om Hari”. Recently the Magic Bus was part of a fundraising concert to support the COVID-19 relief effort.

Sima Awards 2017

With Shivraj Kumar Usha Utha at the CIIMA Awards 2017.Simma website

The Kolkata-based musician would also love to do something for those affected by the recent cyclone Amphan, which “devastated Kolkata and indeed the whole of Bengal and Orissa”. “I’ve also made films for tsunami-stricken people, when Hurricane Aila hits. So I hope I can bring the songwriters and artists together for Amphan,” said Usha.

As for the lockdown, he tries to treat the average lockdown day like any other day. “It was hard but I achieved it. I am one for routine and discipline, so I get up very early, say my prayers, chant the Buddhist name ‘Nam-Mayoho-Range-Kiyo’, then the mantra of great death and universal” Our Father who is in heaven There’s “. I have successfully completed my morning after walking all these pluses up the stairs and into my building car park,” he said.

“I do a lot of shows during the day on Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on the set to keep me busy. I’ve also taken up my old hobbies of knitting, reading and knitting, so I have a lot to do, some homework.

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