Verified Commence Time, Update Release Day, New Islands, New Characters Banners, & More

Genshin Effects 2.1 is nearing its conclusion, and that signifies that it is time for a Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream to locate out what will be in the subsequent edition of the activity. With so little facts about Genshin Effect 2.2 leaking beforehand, there are specified to be a handful of surprises in shop for supporters.

There is only A single day remaining until the stream.

Here is what we know.

When Does The Genshin Effects 2.2 Stream Get started?

The “Special System Announcement”, will air on Sunday, Oct 3, 2021, at 9 a.m EST.

It is a odd transfer on miHoYo’s element, never having streamed a Specific Software in excess of a weekend.

The stream will consider location on miHoYo’s Official Twitch channel, with a VOD to be built readily available on their YouTube channel shortly soon after.

What to Hope

Inazuma Expands for the Very last Time

The past island of Inazuma is eventually envisioned to launch in Genshin Affect 2.2. Tsurumi Island was to start with found in the 1.6 Livestream and is a solemn position surrounded by a dense fog. Its been a lot of yrs given that any person has visited this island getting shrouded in thriller and tough to obtain by boat, some even ponder if it is continue to there.

Leaks have revealed that humanoid spirits show up in excellent numbers on sure parts of the island, earning Tsurumi a chilling location to investigate.

New Figures

miHoYo has now verified that Thoma, a 4-Star Pyro Polearm consumer will get there in Genshin Affect 2.2, and it is very likely he will be portion of the initially Character Function Banner of the update.

Incredibly, there has been no word of Yae Miko getting a banner in this model.

Character Reruns

With no 5-Star characters declared for Genshin Effect 2.2, rumors have been spreading that enthusiasts could see reruns of Ganyu, Hu Tao, and/or Childe.

New Weapons / Products

  • New weapons:
    • Brumal Star, 5-Star Bow (Crit Level)
    • Mouun’s Moon, 4-Star Bow (ATK%)
    • Akuoumaru, 4-Star Claymore (ATK%)
    • Wavebreaker’s Fin, 4-Star Polearm (ATK%)
  • New products:
    • Ayesha’s Chaos Prospector (Gadget)
    • Floral Zither (Gadget, Instrument)

New Events

  • Labyrinth Warriors
    • A rogue-like dungeon the place players can receive a no cost Xinyan
  • To the World’s Appears Listening
    • An additional rhythm-centered mini-recreation
    • Gamers will enjoy alongside other people
  • Dreams of Bloom
    • Serenitea Pot Flower Function
    • Players can grow and trade flowers and seeds with other players

Genshin On Nintendo Change?

At the minute, we nevertheless will not know when Genshin Affect is coming to Nintendo Switch.

It was at first introduced for September 2020 but has been indefinitely delayed with no new release date available.

Numerous look to imagine that this is due to miHoYo needing far more electrical power for Genshin Affect and displays the developer holding out for a “Nintendo Switch Pro”.

Nintendo, while, has just declared the Nintendo Swap (OLED design), and it won’t search like a “Change Professional” is coming whenever before long.

Actually, there will most possible be no new news of the Genshin Influence on the Change any time quickly.

Genshin Impact’s Next Update Is Owing Quickly

The future Genshin Influence update, which will be unveiled in the stream we are owning a countdown for, is because of sooner than you might imagine.

Genshin Impression 2.2 is predicted to be launched on Oct 13, 2021.

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