Wajid Khan dies at 42: Musicians Palak Musal, Tochi Raina and others share their favorite memories with the composer [Exclusive]

This is very sad news for all of us. Wajid Khan, a 42-year-old composer of Sajid-Wajid, died at a Mumbai hospital on Monday morning, June 1, due to kidney failure.

International Business Times India He has spoken exclusively with a few friends and close colleagues in the industry.

Renowned musicians and producers Palak Munjal, Tochi Raina, Kavita Seth, Pallabi Joshi, Vivek Agnihotri shared their favorite memories with this singer and how his music would remain immoral.


The singer blinked

Singer pastor with conscience

First interview with renowned musician / composer

I have known him since I was 13 years old. Salman Khan introduced me to him and this is how I got to know him. We worked together. Wajid Sir was such a funny man and he was full of life. I was shocked to hear this news.

Director and producer Vivek Agnihotri

Vivek and Wajid Khan

First interview with renowned musician / composer

I have known Wajid for a long time. Before he became famous. It so happened that Sajid and Wajid were invited as guests in my show ‘Irshad’. I was fascinated by their songs and compositions. Wajid came as a very humble person. Whenever his new music comes out, I will promote it on my social media. All the songs written by Sajid and Wajid will always be untouched by me.

My only grief is that an artist like Wajid never dies. He has left the whole legacy behind.

Actress and producer Pallavi Joshi

Pallavi Joshi

First meeting

I am completely shocked and speechless at the death of Wajid. I remember he gained fame at a very young age. He and Sajid both came as guest judges on our show ‘Irshad’, only 22 of them.

Untimely death

He was so full of life. At 42 years old he had so much love and talent. It happened very soon and was completely bound for it. I hope his soul rests in peace. At this time we cannot go in person with Sajid. I will always remember Wajid as a friend. And in memory of Wajid we expect more music from Sajid.

Singer Tochi Raina

My heart is broken knowing that my very dear friend and brother Wajid Khan is no longer with us. We have known each other since 1995, he always said: “Brother Tochi, I like your positivity, strength and your smiling face”.

Today with a heavy heart, I say goodbye to you brother Wajid. You will always be my favorite, I miss you! Rest in peace.

Singer Kavita Seth

Kabita Seth is a singer

First encounter with the composer

I have known Sajid and Wajid for a long time, we were supposed to work together. However, the song they gave me is not the kind of song I usually like to sing. Both of them told me that ‘we know your taste but the director wants it’. That’s why I never got a chance to work with them. Wajid was very humble. I’m not saying this because he’s no more, he was really an amazing person.

My favorite composition is by him

His compositions were widely appealing and full of life. In Dabang, he composed the song “Mere Mast Mast Do Nain” which I like and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sang it so beautifully.

That was the last word Wajid said

I can’t believe he’s gone. I heard that his condition is not getting better and he has been admitted to the hospital. I had a talk with him a few days ago, after which I shared my latest essay with him and he told me, “Mera tabiyat thodi nasaj hai thek hote se san ke batanung kaisa hai gana‘ Post that we didn’t talk at all.

I’m sorry to hear that.,

Wajid and Salman
Sajid and Wajid

According to media reports, music composer Selim Merchant was the first to confirm the news.

“He had multiple problems. He had a kidney problem and had a transplant a while ago. But recently he found out about a kidney infection … He was on a ventilator for the last four days after his condition started getting worse. There was an onset of kidney infection and then He was criticized, ”Selim said.

On the work front, Salman Khan’s pairing as music director with Wajid and brother Sajid made its debut through Ki Ki To Darna Ke. They composed music for several Salman movies including Hello Brother, Tumko Na Bhul Payenge, Garv, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Partner, God Tusi Great Ho, Wanted, Main Aur Mrs. Khanna, Bir and Dabang (1, 2 and 3). A lot.

May his soul rest in peace and may the Almighty give his family the strength to bear the loss of Wajid Khan.

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