What the Devils think about the sudden end of their season

The New Jersey Devils season ended on Tuesday after the NHL dropped the rest of the regular season on Tuesday and announced plans to go straight to the playoffs with 24 teams.

Only seven teams were dropped from the postseason under the Planning Commission to resume the season later this summer under Planning Commissioner Gary Bateman. It was suspended on March 12 due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Devils had a 28-29-12 record in the regular season that saw coach John Hynes and general manager Ray Shero dismiss both.

“It’s disappointing,” Interim General Manager Tom Fitzgerald said in a video conference call Tuesday. “But you know what? We respect the league’s decision on this. And, you know, that’s what it is. “

Fitzgerald said management did not inform him and interim coach Alain Nadredine whether they would be in their current roles next season. He said the team would continue to prepare the draft, which will probably not be held after the play-offs are over.

The postseason can last all summer, but there are no disruptions provided

A lottery will be held on June 26 to determine the top three picks. The Devils have the second record among the seven teams that failed to qualify. They can draft anywhere from the first to the ninth.

New Jersey’s Nico Hisar and Jack Hughes have had an overall pick twice in the last three years with the center.

New Jersey could pick Arizona and Vancouver first round draft picks. If the Quotes don’t pick the top-three, they’ll get Arizona. If they play off, they will get a first-round pick in Vancouver.

Arizona and Vancouver are among the top 1 teams to play in the top 15 series to be selected for the final 16 teams.

“I read tweets that it wouldn’t be considered a playoff,” Fitzgerald said. “So as I said before, I think the league is doing a hard job and has 31 teams and their likes. Not every team is happy. Not every team. We accept what is going on here. “

The Devils themselves were responsible for missing the playoffs for the seventh time in eight years. They started badly and never recovered.

Fitzgerald said, “When the pond draws in October, there is no lesson, which is Game 1, whatever you are ready to play and you have to count each game,” Fitzgerald said.

Under the league plan, teams could start training in July. Fitzgerald says the Devils will be allowed to bring in some players during that time. He plans to have a long-distance interview next month.

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