What’s on Prime Minister Modi’s mind: A large part of the economy is open, time for extra vigilance; Other key takeaways

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday, May 31, that the poor and workers were the hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis and their plight could not be explained in words.

In his monthly “Mann Ki Baat” broadcast, Modi said that people from all walks of life had suffered during the epidemic but the poor had suffered the most. Everyone is working to help them, he said, and highlighted the railroad practice of taking large numbers of migrant workers to their homes.

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Here are the other key points from Prime Minister Modi’s mind

  • The Prime Minister called on the people to be “extra vigilant” and to maintain social distance and to be as determined as possible to continue to wear masks.
  • He noted that a large part of the economy has been revived, rail and aviation have partially resumed and will be further expanded in the coming days. “You need to be extra careful now,” he said.
  • The problem faced by the poor during the crisis has provided reasons for self-serving and education for the future, he said, adding that it has alleviated the pain in the eastern part of the country which lags behind other regions in terms of development.
  • The epidemic hit every corner of the world and India was not deterred by it, he said, referring to human suffering.
  • Modi mentioned how India has performed much better than many other parts of the world in fighting the epidemic and also appreciated the innovative spirit and sense of service shown to the people in different parts of the country.

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