WhatsApp Updates: Multi-Device Support, Date Search, Storage Usage, ShareChat Integration Coming

WhatsApp is constantly working on new features to keep its user base intact on Improving the user experience with more than 2 billion active users worldwide, especially when there are plenty of options available. That said, Pipeline has some really cool features from WhatsApp, which have been made clear in the beta version of the app, indicating an upcoming rollout.

Monitoring all the improvements on WhatsApp at its beta stage, WBETINFO has revealed various features tested by the messaging platform owned by Facebook. Take a look at what they are and how to use them.

Multi-device access

Rumors of a multi-device access rollout have spread on WhatsApp, but there is no official word on it. After hearing about the feature for the first time in March, multi-device support in the latest WhatsApp beta build for Android and iOS has been clarified again. This feature allows the same account to run on up to four devices simultaneously.

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With the rollout of multi-device access, WhatsApp will address one of the biggest pain points in the app that is always limited to one device per account. Users cannot have the same account on more than one device, and in the case of the WhatsApp web, two PC browsers running the same WhatsApp account may not be. This will change with multi-device support and will be a relief for many, especially at a time when most users have multiple smartphones.

Search by date

Isn’t it frustrating to scroll chats to find the contents of messages from a specific date? Yes, WhatsApp has heard those cries and the pipeline has a “search by date” option that allows users to go through existing group chats and conversations according to their dates. The feature may first reach iOS after Android. Users can easily tap the calendar icon and choose the date of the conversation

Storage usage

Hundreds of videos and pictures can easily eat up your phone’s storage. Users are testing the WhatsApp Storage Usage feature to allow users to use WhatsApp storage more efficiently by easily searching for large files and forwarded files. WhatsApp is also working on turning on the sort button for images in a chat. Users can choose from the latest, oldest and size.

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Clear except for starred

WhatsApp has the option to star important messages, but this feature will look for the purpose of the star with the upcoming follow-up feature called “Clear without asterisks”. This will allow users to keep important messages and clear chats with just one tap. It sorts out one unimportant message after another and replaces the obvious way to delete them.

Sharechat integration

In an unusual move, WhatsApp could integrate ShareChat, a media player for videos. It is quite popular in India as it enjoys over one billion monthly active users. The platform hosts short videos in local languages ​​that are usually shared on WhatsApp. With this integration, users will not only spend more time on WhatsApp, but will be able to share ShareChat videos without having to use the app – something similar to what it did with YouTube videos.

There is no exact word on when these features will be introduced to the public. But we hope the wait is not long.

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