When Shwarya Rai Bachchan reveals that her daughter Aradhya Ranbir Kapoor has a daughter-crush [Throwback]

Bollywood’s handsome Kannada Ranbir Kapoor is known for his super sexy look and energetic personality to impress girls. RK has been a ‘national crush’ since he set foot in the Bollywood industry and his attraction is not only among girls, but also in some Bollywood divas.

Alia Bhatt had told the media more than once before dating him that she had a fatal crush on him. Not only Alia but many actresses have become quite vocal about heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. And now a new fan has been shown.

There was another star-kid who had a ‘crush’ on B-Town’s Bani and she is none other than Aradhya Bachchan, the beloved daughter of none Shri Rai Bachchan.

Aradhya Bachchan and Ranbir KapoorTwitter

In addition to crashing on him, he once thought Ranbir could be his father.

When Aishwarya Rai revealed that Aradhya had a crush on Ranbir Kapoor

Shocked, isn’t it? In fact, while talking to Filmfare editor Jitesh Pilli in 2011fare, Ishwarya Rai revealed an incredible incident where Aradhya behaved shyly around her I Dil Hai Mushkil co-star, Ranbir Kapoor From behind.

He said, “Yes, he is[Ranbir] AA Ab Laut was a friend on the Challenge set. Akshay (Khanna) was also my friend but he was out. She is sweet but has her own mood. But Ranbir and I enjoyed a friendship that continues to this day. The sweetest thing happened just the other day. We were shooting and he gave that smile to Ranbir when I was spending time with Aradhya. He knows her well. “

Aradhya Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor

Aradhya Bachchan and Ranbir KapoorTwitter

Little Shwarya also revealed a funny incident when little Aradhya RK made a mistake as her father Abhishek Bachchan and hugged the actor from behind.

“One day he just ran to his arm. Because he was wearing this jacket and he was like AB (Abhishek Bachchan) and he had straw. He thought he was AB, he hugged him and he was like ‘Aob’. Johar), Shriya said, ‘Ranbir, you are captivating’.

He continued, “But I understand what happened. I asked him. You think he is Papa and he said ‘Ya’. From that day on he became a little shy around him. Ab Abhishek also teased Ranbir, ‘Hmmm … this is the crash.’ “I told Ranbir it was very funny.”

The 4-year-old actress added how her youngest daughter refused to call him ‘Ranbir’s uncle’ and instead called him ‘RK’.

Aradhya’s affection for Ranbir Kapoor

Aishwarya Rai, daughter Aradhya

With daughter Aradhya Bachchan with Shwarya RaiInstagram

“I was nuts about your father and you are the first adorable reacting as an actor with that embarrassing expression. Life is a full circle of life. He liked the joke song Mataragasthi We We did the steps of the song on his fourth birthday. On the set I met Ranbir with him Introduced as. He joked, ‘Who else is there!’ Twice he called her ‘Uncle’, but the next day it suddenly became ‘RK’. We all laughed, ‘Aishwarya added.

Okay, Ranbir Kapoor is sharing with Aradhya too.

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