When the thief broke into the flat of Bangalore IT engineer when he was the owner; More than 4 lakh rupees have been looted

In an unusual burglary attempt in Kadugodi, Bangalore, the thief broke into a flat and looted electronic gadgets including a banking card worth Rs 4,000, surprisingly, the owner of another flat was next to another house. The complainant, Priya Sweety, a software engineer by profession, has lodged a complaint in this regard.

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More than four lakh things have been looted

According to the complaint, Priya said she was at home when the thief started looting her belongings in the flat. Yet, surprisingly, he is unaware of everything. When Priya found out about the theft, she came to the next room and searched for her laptop. Finding it missing, the software engineer began searching his flat, only to find the front door open!

“I don’t know where Security There were guards at the time of the incident, “said the shocked homeowner.” He (the thief) can be lucky to open the window of my house, ”he added.

The window was placed right next to the front main door, which would probably have provided a smooth entrance for the thief. Defendants must have been able to open the main door through a door window.

Priya said, “I went inside while cleaning my house and picked up all the electronic gadgets lying outside the hall.”


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Notice issued

Kadugodi police have identified the accused on the basis of CCTV footage. A search notice has been issued and an extensive search for the thief is underway.

“We saw CCTV footage in the apartment around 5:50 am where he was seen in the flat and seen in my flat. I submitted the footage to the police with a copy of the complaint.”

In addition to his office laptop, the thief stole Priya’s latest One Plus 7 Pro smart phone, with a Casio wristband, along with her credit and debit cards; Priced at around Rs.

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