Who are the Yankees keeping an eye on in the 2020 MLB draft?

The biggest news of March 12 was the cancellation of MLB spring training due to the coronavirus. However, college and high school schedules were also scrapped, meaning the June draft was going to change dramatically in several ways.

There are several possibilities for players to watch live, with teams watching video oceans instead of sea-face meetings and learning potential draft picks through zoom calls.

And there was heavy speculation that the draft would be reduced from 40 rounds to five or 10.

Well, almost three months after the MLB disappeared from the playing field, a five-round draft is here in an environment that I hope will never be published again.

The first office will be held via video on Wednesday night and will be broadcast by MLB and ESPN. The following four rounds are set for Thursday.

Damon Oppenheimer adapted to the flexibility of the changes brought about by the coronavirus. Instead of gathering his scouts in the pavilion at Tamper George M. Steinbrenner Field, the organization’s chief amateur scouting will be in his office at the nearby Minor League complex. Two national cross-checkers will be with Oppenheimer but no regional scouts will take part.

Boiler shortstop Nick Loftin
Boiler shortstop Nick LoftinP

“We’ve attacked the limited spring schedule view, all available videos, data and information that has been on the players in our work since the autumn and summer,” Oppenheimer told the Post in a text message on Tuesday that he was ready to decide who Yankee would take with him. Wednesday 28 p.m. “Our scouts have been diligent with zoom meetings and we’ve done a great job of incorporating our player development staff and some pro scouts into our evaluation process.”

Picking 26th, the Yankees are at the mercy of the teams that will do before them. Since they signed Gerrit Cole as a free agent on a nine-year deal worth 4 4,324 million, the Yankees will not have a second or fifth-round election on Thursday.

The Yankees have been linked with University of Georgia right-hander Cole Wilcox, Baylor shortstop Nick Loftin, Mont. Point (Aries.) High School shortstop Carson Tucker and Mt. Carmel (Ill.) High School Shortstop Ed Howard. Wilcox is ranked 23rd by MLP Pipeline, Loftin 36th, Tucker 52nd and Howard 15th. Money is committed to Texas and Oklahoma from Howard.

Clark Schmidt, Dewey Garcia and Mike King, as well as the young teams, have been downgraded to a bottom-up approach in a way that has fascinated the Yankees. Schmidt, Garcia and King were considered weapons that could help in the big leagues this year, and still if the players and owners could cut short seasons together.

However, James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka and J.A. Happ can become a free agent whether or not you play any season in November. Also, Luis Severino will not be able to return until at least June or July 2021 due to Tommy John surgery.

If the Yankees think Schmidt, Garcia and King will need a Big-League rotation next year, the team will be inclined to take a jug with the possibility starting on Wednesday evening.

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