Why are Chiranjibi and Ramcharan silent on the bee attack at Upasana’s grandfather’s funeral?

Meghastar Chiranjeevi and his son Ram Charan and other members of the family were attacked by a swarm of honey bees at the funeral of Upasana’s grandfather, but they are not all safe and unharmed.

Upsati’s grandfather K Umapati Rao died on 27 May. The 92-year-old had been battling an age-related illness for some time. His last rites were held at Domakanda in Nizamabad district on Thursday. Chiranjeevi attended the funeral with his family members. As they were leaving the house for the janaza procession, a swarm of bees reportedly attacked them.

Megastar Chiranjibi and Ram Charan at Khaidi No. 150

Security personnel came to the rescue of Chiranjeevi, his son Ram Charan, daughter-in-law Upasna Konidela and other family members. They provide cover to the family by trying to scare the bees with towels. They went back to the house to get the cover, some of the people present were killed by bees.

When the news of this incident was published on the internet, many fans of the mega family were worried about their disappearance by bees. Although the family was adamant about it, SKN aka Srinivasan tweeted, “The honey bee incident in Domakanda is a very minor issue.

Eternal with family members

Eternal with family membersTwitter

Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan greet the late legendary actor NTR and superstar Krishna on their birthdays on May 26 and 31, respectively. However, for some unknown reason, they are away from paying homage to Umapati Rao online. However, Upasana Kamini shared a message on her Instagram account about her grandfather’s country service.

Ram Charan’s wife shared, “K. Umapati Rao of Domakanda’s previous organization. IAS witnessed the struggle of Razakar movement, Indian independence struggle and many more historical events from 15 June 1928 to 27 May 2020. A Urdu poet knows his poetry and Tirumala’s first Executive Officer Tirupati Devasthanam was a staunch believer in the religion of kindness and generosity. “

Upasana added, “Our grandfather was a man of great principle, selflessness, generosity and sense of humor. His rich long life, achievements and many works of compassion will be celebrated and remembered by all. May your love give us the strength to make his journey peaceful, warm, respectful, obedient, Puyanash, Ramcharan and worship Sat Ray, Agaja and Dimitri. “

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