Why would Joe Biden choose a black woman as VP?

Consider where we are as a country at the moment.

* Floyd’s death sparked (mostly) peaceful protests across the country, not only about police brutality but also about the deep and dignified racial discrimination that exists in American society. (Check out these six charts that strongly show the reality of inequality))
* Almost completely black voters – especially those in South Carolina who were eligible for his status as a presidential nominee. Biden’s campaign broke down badly – he finished fourth in Iowa, 5th in New Hampshire and second in Nevada before the state of Palmetto on February 29. According to the Exit Survey, black voters have become the majority (556%) of South Carolina primary voters and overwhelmingly in favor of Biden (1%). His win in the state prompted him to win one after another on Super Tuesday – just three days later – and at the moment, the nomination was his.

South Carolina Repress. Jim Cliburn, who had support in the early days of Biden’s early days, without question, was the turning point of the race. “The only thing that needs to be done in this process at the moment is to win,” says Cliburn. “To win it must be a plus for the African African American woman.

True enough! But we need to make a strong case that Biden’s best chance at the White House is chance Is A black woman has chosen him as her running mate.

Remember that one of the main reasons why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 election was that black voters were excluded as a percentage of the total electorate compared to 2012. And He won less irresistibly than then-President Barack Obama.

The amount of media that Clinton took with Trump during the above two victories, he could have almost won by focusing on the Midwest and white, non-college educated voters among them.

Now just having a person of color on the ticket doesn’t mean you have won the votes of blacks or are sure that they have become outnumbered. However, politics at the presidential level is often symbolic. And choosing Biden as his vice president will be the best opportunity to express how he views his party, country and the world – and how he will prioritize the many issues facing America at the moment.

Return to Biden, elected by Obama in 2008. There was concern among voters at the time that the relatively inexperienced senator – who was in the chamber for only two years when Obama began running for president – could have a very large education curve as president. So Obama has spent his entire adult life in politics and Washington choosing Biden to deliver the symbolic message that the wheel must remain steadfast. George W. Bush had a similar nerve-wracking calm with Dick Cheney in 2000. Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate in his party organization’s consent – although, in hindsight, it was clear that it was only a consent to the organization’s views and approaches, not a real effort to link it to his presidency.

Biden, if you listen closely to his speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, it seems that big steps were needed and different choices were made when it came to tackling the issue of stagnation in the country. Here is the whole point of what he said (my courage)

It will take more than talking. We talked before. We have protested before. “

“Let us, by the end, vow to do an era of action to reverse systemic racism through long-term and concrete change.

“This is not the first 100 days of my presidency – or even the end of my term.

This is the work of a generation. “

Picking a black woman of any generation (or more) younger than Biden would send a signal about how committed she really is to changing the racial dynamics of this country. (This will be the first time a black woman will run for vice president for a major party.)

And fortunately for Biden, he has several African American women who can make great choices.

Even Sen. Kamlan Harris (age 55) of California, who was the first African American and Indian American to be elected to the Senate from California, was at the top of my VP rankings even before Biden’s “You’re Not Black” coup and the assassination of George Floyd. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (50) and Florida Rep. Good Demings (3 years old) was at the top now. Now? Hard to see the chances of choosing three more (stay for me) New Ranking on Thursday!)

Biden says he is hopeful he will make a decision about his running mate by August 1, the truth is, his decision may have been narrowed by the events of the last 10 days – or at least significantly.

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