Will Vijay make a historical film with Sasikumar during the financial crisis?

COVID-19 aka coronavirus has started a global financial crisis. In addition to mass unemployment, supply chains collapsed and many companies faced bankruptcy. The lockdown has not yet been fully lifted, and the economic situation is not expected to change much.

Thalapati Vijay.PR handout

Like other industries, the film industry suffered the most during the lockdown. People are fighting for their two square meals, the business is starting to grow in the aftermath of the Covid-19. Discussions are already underway to reduce the cost of making the film. In such a situation, the news of Vijay’s plan to make a historical movie with Sasikumar has raised eyebrows.

Sasikumar’s confession raises eyebrows
According to a website, Sasikumar recently revealed his plans to work with Vijay during a social media conversation. The actor-filmmaker claimed that he was not interested in working in historical films, but always wanted to make such a film.

Earlier in the year, Vijay had narrated a historical story to Vijay and the actor was fascinated by it. However the project did not close for some reason and was one of the budget issues. Sasikumar has revealed that he will eventually collaborate with Thalapathi for a historical film.

Vijay-Sasikumar's movie on the cards

A collage of Vijay and Sasikumar.IB Times India

Movies Historical films require much more budget than ordinary films. It takes a lot of time and investment. Obviously this makes one wonder whether it is a good idea to work on such big projects when the world economy is in a bad state.

But industry insiders say Vijay is committed to a few filmmakers that will keep him busy for the next two years. Thus, the situation may return to normal when his historical project with Sasikumar begins.

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