ZEE5 shows that Godman’s teaser was downloaded hours after the anti-Hindu propaganda allegations

Religion has always been a sensitive issue in India. Even more so in recent times. Often it is content that engages in a battle between right and wrong, ideological and identity debates. A Tamil show produced by Guidman JD5 is getting a lot of criticism for promoting anti-Hindu sentiment.

After a huge online debate about the nature and intent behind the show’s content, the producers have taken down the teaser and are looking at allegations of hurting the attitude of the Hindu community.


The Godman teaser has been brought down after reacting to hurt feelings of Hindus

ZE5 Tamil show Godman recently released its teaser just hours later. Directed by Babu Yogeshwaran and starring Sonia Agarwal, Daniel Balaji and Joy Prakash, the show was supposed to release on June 12 at ZEE5 but now it seems impossible. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with many in the Hindu community tasting the dialogues and content.

The show was heavily criticized online for showing Brahmins in bad light. Many attack the nature of dialogues and clear content. The teaser was taken down after Hindu organizations on Twitter raised their voices against showing Brahmins in bad light.

The Thimajanadu Brahmin Association had written to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to ban the teaser. Jayam JSK of the Hindu religious party told Gopi News Tudo that this was an attempt to rationalize the Hindu faith and added that complaints would be lodged in all ‘legal forums’.

In response to the wave of criticism, ZE5 support tweeted, “ZE5’s latest Tamil fiction show – Godman is not against any particular community, caste or religion. They followed it by saying, “The producers, shows and platforms have no intention of hurting any religious sentiment.” However, fuel has been added to the fire.

It is a well-known fact that any event takes on a fictional look in the eyes of the public at once, the reality of the show depends on how the audience perceives it. There has been a lot of controversy before about whether the show is based on the controversial Godman Nityananda. Perhaps, in India, for the time being, s God and Godman are best alone.

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